Behind the name VPNSecure not only a VPN provider, but a provider conceals a host of services to a more anonymous and secure Internet experience. So VPNSecure for example, offers also services for SSH Socks and Smart DNS. In VPNSecure is an Australian company. Customers can choose from VPNSecure build the VPN connection between 50 different servers. These are located around the world in 34 countries distributed: Egypt, Ireland, India, Chile, Luxembourg, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom, Finland, France, Spain, Singapore, the Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong , Czech Republic, New Zealand, Isle of Man, Austria, Panama, Romania, Switzerland, Australia, Iceland, Costa Rica, Germany, USA, Ukraine and Portugal. A limitation for the number of server hops there are not at VPNSecure. Customers VPNSecure can choose from the four offered rates. First is with FreeVPN a free fare to choose from, the only offers limited functionality. The paid packages differ mainly in the offered protocols. In the OpenVPN OpenVPN package can only be used as a protocol. Who wants to establish a connection using PPTP, therefore, must book the PPTP packet. Only the OpenVPN + PPTP package offers both protocols to use. If customers want to complete a paid fare, various maturities on offer. It being understood that the monthly charges to fall, the longer the run time is selected. Internet users who want an anonymous payment, come in VPNSecure with Bitcoin payment method at their expense. Alternatively, the payment by PayPal, Perfect Money, CashU, Moneybookers and Payza is possible. Here is a Vpn Provider Comparison.