PrivateinternetAccess Review

Private Internet Access ™ was founded in August 2010. Behind it are the developers of Mt Gox Live and Mt Gox Bitcoin Casinos of the world. For them, privacy and anonymous surfing a passion. Therefore Private Internet Access ™ will fill the role of a truly anonymous VPN offer, which did not exist until then. Private Internet Access ™ is based in the USA and has a good reason. The laws there, make it possible that the user data need not be recorded.

For the user, the truly means maximum anonymity. These requirements for privacy are thus compared with other providers, really an argument for the use of the Private Internet Access VPN. With the service of Private Internet Access ™ is to achieve a lightness blocked websites, safe surfing in public wireless networks and hide their own IP address as well as the current location. The company’s motto is clear.

They want to ensure the highest standard of privacy and at the same time provide the most reliable and fastest VPN. this sitehas the service of the VPN provider test under the microscope. Private Internet Access ™ Server operates in the United States, Canada, Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Romania, Germany, Sweden, France and Hong Kong. It was ensured that the locations are correct. The aim is to achieve the lowest latency for the user. In the USA, offers equal to seven gateways – from Florida to California. This is an increase of the offer.

This should be no problem at all to use a U.S. IP address at any time. Each two servers are located in Canada and the UK. In the other countries, is according to the specifications of the company each one. Nevertheless, one must say that we were a bit disappointed that the offer does not include more countries at this point.

Other providers are set up much better here and the international world. Comprehensible that is only in that it is an American company. So of course it makes the most sense that the majority of the infrastructure is operated there. That should be – especially when compared to companies that are located in other, less important nations – also affect the reliability.

Security for most users who opt for a VPN, the most important issue. Private Internet Access offers, it also promises the name, many good features that guarantee an equivalent security. The IP and the identity be concealed. Encryption, firewalls and uncensored access to the network are additional benefits.

The IP of the user is superseded by a valid, anonymous IP address of the company. This will make it possible to analyze the course and their own Internet behavior any Internet site. Even their own searches in order to remain private. Similarly, the own location not be traced.