PIA VPN service review

The statemants of PIA, after we asked them how their service works:

“1. We certainly don’t sign any visitors nor treatment information period, of any sort. We’ve labored hard to thoroughly hand all daemons so that you can accomplish this performance that people use. It’s certainly a hard job, for supporting Personal Access To The Internet to do this skill that is distinctive and we have been really pleased with our advancement team.

2. We run from the United States that’s mostly of the, if perhaps, states with no data retention legislation that is compulsory. Several additional authorities were investigated by us using assistance from our expert staff that was legal, as well as the United States continues to be well suited for solitude-based VPN solutions.

We seriously study the legality of all and any advice demands that are authorized. Because we tend not to hold any visitors nor treatment info however, we’re not able to supply any third party with any information. Mission and our dedication to maintain privacy is second-to-none.

3. We tend not to track period, any visitors. We prevent IPs/interfaces as-needed to abate maltreatment when a legitimate mistreatment telling is received by us.

4. No articles is hosted by us and therefore are thus not able to remove some of said articles. Moreover, re-establish and our assignment will be to conserve seclusion on culture and the Internet. Therefore, because nothing is logged or track by us, we are not able to spot any customers of our service.

5. Yet again, no program or visitors information is logged by us. Also, unlike a number of other nations and the European Union, lawful description protects our customers. That is why, we are not able to spot any person of our service. Last but not least, consumer-protection regulations exist unlike a number of additional states, in the United States. We have to follow our online privacy policy that is publicized.

6. We tend not to discriminate against any type of visitors/process on some interval, of our hosts. We think in a free, available, and web that is uncensored.

7. Bitcoin, Swell,, Google Play (Cellular), OKPay, CashU, Amazon and any leading Giftcard. We help lots of transaction systems that are anonymous. That is why, the greatest threat consumers should undoubtedly utilize Swell Bitcoin or a giftcard that is major using an anonymous email account when subscribing to our seclusion support. Btw you can get bitcoins at

8. We are the sole supplier to day providing you with various security cipher choices. We urge, mainly, utilizing AES-128 RSA2048, SHA-1 and.”