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European Commission Tries To Handle Geoblockings

In May this year, the European Commission published proposals to keep businesses and online stores, who sell in or into the European Union, from doing Geo blocking and additional geographic limitations. The European Commission is of the view that Geo blocking sabotages on-line shopping and cross border revenue. In accordance with the Fee, Geo blocking

PIA VPN service review

The statemants of PIA, after we asked them how their service works:

Technical know how for everyone

A virtual private network (VPN) runs a private network across a public community, such as the Net. It allows a computer or Wi Fi-enabled system to send and acquire knowledge across shared or public systems as if it were specifically linked to the private network, while benefiting from the functionality, protection and supervision procedures of

Buen proveedor de VPN

Pronto ampliaremos nuestra lista de proveedores de VPN y tomar los proveedores de VPN especiales en el VPN en comparación con el que crear expresamente los archivos de registro – y por lo que incluso si las autoridades del gobierno exigir que los datos, no hay datos se pueden dar a conocer, porque nunca se